Bloks Labrodorit

Granite block is essentially a blank is not treated with a block for subsequent cutting and manufacturing products. As a rule, bought by manufacturers of products made of natural stone for further processing in-house.

The company "Decorative stone Ukraine" supplies labradorite blocks TM «EXTRA BLUE UKRAINE» Dobrynskogo own production fields, as well as units of other deposits in Ukraine. Products from these granites correspond DSTU

No explosive method of production and modern mining equipment allow us to offer our customers labradorite and granite blocks of the highest quality, virtually any size without external cracks and with a uniform pattern.

Our manufacturing facilities, as well as the constant availability of stock of finished products allow us to provide building material projects of virtually any size.
Labradorite brand Extra Blue Ukraine is our exclusive stone and has the following characteristics.

Volume weight:  2800-2830 kg/m3
Water absorbing:  0,21%
Compressive strength:  1668kg/cm2
Abradability:  0,65 g/cm2

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