Slabs of granite and labradorite, also used another name, granite slabs provide a semi-finished slabs of large size. This blank is made of granite, necessary workshops, producing products with non-standard sizes, custom, made of natural stone. Granite slyab- this semi-finished product for further cutting. To produce a suitable block of stone slabs sawn to the required number of pieces on a special stone-cutting machine at the desired plate thickness. Typically granite slabs have a thickness of 20 mm and 30 mm, the length of the granite slab is usually more than 1.5 meters. Granite slab width 650 to 1550 mm. The most common slabs having widths 650, 750, 1550 mm. A slab having a greater width is more expensive with smaller width of the slab.

Granite slab may have a rough surface, which gives the stone processing step, called heat treatment of the surface. Heat-treated surface texture gives the product of the anti-slip properties of the slabs. These blanks are used outdoors are used for exterior cladding stairs, paths, as floor coverings such a surface becomes slippery from the rain has fallen on him or other water.

However, to really open all the beauty of natural granite manufacturing operation - polished granite. The most beautiful granite with polished surface. Slabs of granite in the workshops are used as blanks for the production of these granite products: granite kitchen countertops, kitchen countertops made of granite, granite stage, the stage of granite riser made of granite, granite window sill, the sill of granite, as well as products made of granite slabs with the dimensions of the customer.

Granite slabs - is not only the harvesting, but also the largest in area seamless covering element. Applying a granite slab for lining the surface, you get a unique and continuous (as opposed to the plate) a natural pattern over a large area. Interior decoration granite slabs are widely used in the city (apartment, penthouse), and in a country house building. The texture of the granite slab is suitable for the most accurate designs. Table top, windowsill or panels above the fireplace - made from a single slab, acquire a unique and magnificent view.

Surface finishes of natural stone, it is always true, always in fashion. The surface of granite does not lose its original appearance for decades. Often this material veneer stations, subway and other facilities, which are subject to considerable pressure as the physical and mechanical characteristics of granite you can use it in places with a high index of patency.

Our company "Decorative stone Ukraine" produces granite slabs of granite and labradorite various fields in Ukraine with rezinaturoy and perfect polishing in accordance with the Ukrainian standards in size and quality.


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