Kerb stone

Border (side stone or sidewalk) - the most important element of road construction, which provides separation of the roadway from the sidewalks and lawns. It is used to strengthen and to determine the boundaries of the road area and increases the service life of the coating (prevents deformation and crushing of asphalt, does not allow to disperse tile, pavers). Borders made of granite and labradorite, can withstand significant mechanical effects are characterized by high strength and durability, resistant to adverse weather resistant, have a virtually unlimited service life. Border performs the following functions:

  • Divide the sidewalk and the roadway.
  • Separates the motorway and lawns.
  • The gardens and parks in the garden and park areas marks the boundary between pedestrian walkways and pavements in gardens.
  • Used to indicate the entrance to the sidewalk to the road.
  • It is used for decorating the landscape.

Using onboard labradorite stone and granite, you not only get excellent functional characteristics, but also the opportunity to give the territory of respectable appearance and emphasize the individuality of the object. Thanks to the excellent decorative properties and a wide color palette of granite curbs are able to decorate any terrain. In addition to the standard options, granite curbstone can be polished, profile, relief, Multifacture. If we compare the concrete curbs and granite, it seems that first a bargain because it is cheaper but if you take into account the full life of the resistance to abrasion and various weather factors, exposure to salt in the winter, the temperature drops it turns out that natural stone is a bargain . So, if you care aesthetics, reliability, solidity, your choice will undoubtedly curb by digging "Decorative stone Ukraine." Our company produces both standard curbs, and thanks to its own production is able to fulfill any order. It can be:

  • original and high landscaped curbs
  • manufactured according to individual sizes and other types of pavement curbs
  • curbs different shapes, necessary for accomplishment, private areas, restoration of churches, monuments.
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