Granite tiles strength are extremely high resistance to abrasion, low coefficient of water absorption. thereby have a virtually unlimited service life.

Plates are broad in scope and are facing materials premium. This lining does not go out of fashion and remains relevant for many years. Practicality and excellent decorative properties of the material can be used for interior decoration.

High decorative qualities of tiles of granite can use them for horizontal and vertical exterior cladding of buildings: facades, plinth, stairs and platforms. Most often made of granite slabs used as floor coverings in shopping centers, railway stations, office buildings and other areas with high traffic. It can be large sized slabs, mosaic individual parts, non-standard product configurations.

The company "Decorative stone Ukraine" produces veneer of granite slabs and labradorite in standard sizes 600x600 and 300h600 and a thickness from 10 to 150 mm. At the same time, the company's equipment allows to produce plates of all sizes, according to customer's request.

The ability to manufacture plates with a non-standard size is a significant advantage of plates of natural stone. This avoids the need for cutting and reduce the number of seams. Using custom decorative tiles made of granite, it is possible to speed up installation and to reduce the time of finishing works, as well as to ensure the reliability and long-term operation of the lining. This finish creates a complete and holistic view of increasing the prestige of the object. Plates produced with different surface treatments:

Polished plate.

Differ spectacular mirrored surface. Features - rich colors, it highlights the natural stone pattern, a longer service life. apply:
  • for interior walls and floors;
  • facades and plinths;    
  • Internal stairs;    
  • interior as well as the elements of landscape design.    

Heat-treated tiles

They have a rough surface with maximum elevation height - up to 5 mm. Features - Great anti-slip effect, emphasizing the natural crystalline structure of natural granite. apply:
  • paving of various platforms and tracks;
  • ramps, entrances and external stairs;    
  • It has a uniform rough surface

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