Granite paving stone

  Granite paving stone - the most durable road surface, which can be selected from the entire range predlagaemogona today. For many centuries, her paved streets and squares. Even now, in some cities of Ukraine, there are streets paved with granite paving stones for many centuries ago, and what to say about the European cities?

With the development of technological progress paving asphalt replaced. Or concrete pavers. However, we see how the provisions of 2-3 years ago are formed holes in the asphalt and concrete paving stones destroyed by frost action. Granite cobbles due to their physical and himichskih properties, such as low water absorption, resistance to abrasion serves faithfully than one century.

Thanks to the automation of production processes processing and laying granite pavers has become more simple and less costly.

Here is a partial list of benefits, which allows the use of paving stones made of granite and labrodarita:


  • durable use
  • Popular and convenient size of 100x100mm, 200x200mm    
  • Reusability    
  • It removes sediments through the joints between the stones    
  • Natural natural look and natural origin    
  • High resistance to mechanical stress    
  • Excellent aesthetic characteristics    

Using this type of reliable and hard surface can be given any kind of European territory: sidewalks, roads, squares, courtyards, park and garden paths.
The advantages of granite pavers primarily include high strength. Compared with concrete, granite paving 4 times stronger. In addition, it has high resistance to adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage. The term of operation of products from natural stone this amounts to many decades, and sometimes hundreds of years.
Cobblestones will be a wonderful addition to the exterior of your home country. Due to the different color solutions it has the ability to create patterns, thus enabling the realization of any ideas of landscape design.

The company "Decorative stone Ukraine" produces paving species such as: chopped, sawn, chipped, fully-sawn termoobrobotanaya.

Chopped cobbles.
From granite labrodarita, gabbro strong and durable material, which has chopped natural surface edges without polishing. It is the most widely used pavers. This is the most inexpensive and budget option pavers. It is produced by a split workpiece (corresponding to the size of the stone pieces) special press with a guillotine. The main drawback is the uneven paving punctured all faces. Due to the manufacturing technology of split granite paving stones we have a real deviation from nominal sizes that can reach up to ± 30 mm on both sides). This is due to the fact that the stone is pricked on the principle of "least resistance" and as a result it is not that smooth.

The advantages of a chipped stone blocks include low cost, ease of installation, no special requirements for transportation.

Chopped cobbles suitable for automotive platforms, pavings houses, the entrance to the garage, footpaths and road travel.
Available in sizes according to customer's request. Laid chipped granite paving stone creates a unique effect of "wildlife", perfectly combined with wood and other building materials.

Sawn-chopped stone blocks.
From granite labrodarita, gabbro this paving has smooth lateral faces sawn and split upper and lower portions, well combining the advantages of split and sawn stone blocks. There are:


  • stab sawn stone blocks with 4 side sawn (straight) faces;
  • stab sawn stone blocks with 2 side sawn (straight) faces;    

Manufacturing technology stab sawn stone blocks are much more expensive than manufacturing technology chipped paving blocks, as smooth faces are obtained by a saw with a diamond tool, and stab - on pressing equipment. This is reflected in its price. But we have a smooth side faces that lets you create smooth and beautiful road tracks with a minimum distance (seam) between the contacting pavers. Stab sawn granite paving has virtually no real deviations from the nominal dimensions. This is its main advantage over a chipped granite paving stones.

Cobbles full-sawing
From granite, labradorite, gabbro is the most elite and expensive products. Cobbles completely sawed pieces of diamond tools, and optional front face of heat-treated, but we get a completely smooth all edges and have the ability to get virtually seamless surface (up to 3mm seam)

Heat treatment gives a uniform texture of stone, and the surface becomes more secure, very small cone-shaped stone chips on the surface caused by the heat treatment does not allow to form a layer of ice.

Due to the minimal gaps between the stones and smooth non-slip surface of sawn granite paving provides maximum comfort for pedestrians. The excellent consumer properties fully comply with the price of sawn granite paving stones, which is higher compared to other types of granite paving stone.

Polnopilenaya granite pavers.

It is made with the following sizes: 200h100h50mm, 100h100h100mm, 100h100h50mm, 80h80h50mm.

Standard sizes are always available in stock. However, according to the customer to order any other available sizes of pavers.

Polnopilenaya pavers for paving the ceremonial grounds, large areas of park roads and walking paths. A variety of natural stone colors, as well as combinations with a chipped granite stone blocks for the relief changes, gives designers a wide enough field for the imagination.

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